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Spread The Joy of Christmas

If you would like for more information about “Wish Upon A Star”,

please contact  Amy Wisbith-Tyger at 330.502.9882 or

“Wish Upon A Star” Brings a Ray of Hope to Families

in Need During The Christmas Season!


The Extravaganza has developed a one-of-a-kind community service program being offered by purchasing and donating a display to a family or individual that may be experiencing a time of difficulty during this Christmas season. There are many families that unfortunately find themselves in need of encouragement with a few words of comfort or a simple jester of kindness. This encouragement has an even greater meaning when it is the Christmas season. Sometimes we can reach out and help dreams come true, this is why the Extravaganza has created a unique program of sharing a small measure of joy through our “Wish Upon a Star” program.


“Wish Upon A Star” Title Origin


“Wish Upon A Star” program was inspired from a birthday gift of a star for a loved

one. The “Star” is registered in her name with the Universal Star Council in its Star

Chronicle. Its exact location is USC 144855-60. The star’s astronomical position is

Right Ascension 4H59MI3.58S, Declination +600IM44S and Magnitude 13.73.

She had a passion and love for Christmas. She treasured the family time during this

Christmas season. She helped with the Extravaganza for over 20 years. The

meaning of Christmas, her family and helping children and others is her legacy.


About “Wish Upon A Star”


When you purchase a designated Christmas Tree display through “Wish Upon A

Star”, the recipient will receive a beautiful, one-of-a-kind certificate featuring their

name as having a dedicated star via the Star-registration. The precise stars

astronomical location and registration in the star registry along with an uplifting

message to the recipient will be on the certificate.


Either as individuals, companies, businesses or organizations, it is an opportunity

to bring a measure of joy and a spiritual uplift with a Christmas gift of a beautiful

one-of-a-kind uniquely decorated Christmas Tree display. All tree displays feature

special themes with theme oriented decorations and feature a variety of tree species.


We will deliver your tree choice to your designated recipient and as a thank you for your community contribution a list of donors of trees will be posted. No recipient family or individual names will be shown here.


The Extravaganza and the Beaver County’s Children and Youth Services Advisory

Board is working together develop a list of potential recipients in our community

for you to choose from. Tree purchases will begin at the Extravaganza’s Gala

Celebration, which is held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, as part of our Buy

It Now program.









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