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Our Basic Fiscal Plan

Charitable Income

Our goal is that the total amount of fees collected for entry to the festival will create a significant fund to distribute to the receiving organizations. The more people who attend, the greater the income for distribution.

Operational Expenses

We have two methods of financing the overall operation of the Extravaganza. The first includes income from the gift shop, pictures with Santa, breakfast with Santa, raffles, the café, vendors, donations, and the sale of trees and ornaments at the auction.

Our second and most important source of income is from the sponsors of trees and wreaths. In addition we have now put together a number of expanded sponsorship packages to raise additional funds to cover basic operating costs and the anticipated improvements. Funds received in this category will be used to continually expand and improve the event.

We are extremely excited about this new direction and what it will mean to the public and the business community. We hope you agree and will help provide support for this challenge.

Levels for Every Budget

The Christmas Extravaganza gives you various opportunities for sponsorship by allowing you to choose from many different levels of commitment. This gives you more flexibility to pick a package that best fits your planning.

Major Sponsors

Diamond - Event Sponsor - $10,000

Platinum Sponsor - $5,000

Gold Sponsor - $2,500

Silver Sponsor - $1,000 - 5 Available


Tree Sponsor - $150

Wreath Sponsor - $50

Tree & Wreath Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

Contributors - $20, $40, $60 up to $100

Supporters - $101 up to $500

Premier Supporter - $501 and up

Special Project Sponsor

Costs vary depending on complexity

Basic Operational Expenses:

Want to find out more how you can become a sponsor in this year's premier charitable event for Beaver County?

• Tent Rental

• Heater Rental for the Lodge

• Fuel for Lodge Heaters

• Radio and Public Advertisements

• Social Media Advertisements

• Promotional Flyers

• Event Signage, Tickets and Related Printed Material

• Event Souvenir Booklets

• Drivers for Shuttle Buses

• Traffic Control

• Additional New Decorations

• Replacement Items and Miscellaneous Repairs

• New Outdoor displays

Our All New 2021 Sponsor Guide

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